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Guitar stand

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sefleming created the topic: Guitar stand

Guitar stand built for my daughter.
Stand will hold 6 guitars and
looks like I might have to make her another one. lol
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Glen replied the topic: Guitar stand

That's purdy cool!! Sounds like you're going to have some more shop time!! B) B)
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Derek replied the topic: Guitar stand

Niiiiice !!!

With that many guitars she must quite talented. I tried to learn how to play once but after the third lesson ....... I was quietly pulled aside and it was suggested that I should just spend more time in the shop. :( I don't know if it was being late all three nights because of glue-ups taking longer than I wanted or his dislike of me leaving hardened glueified ( yep that's a new word I just made up) finger prints on his guitar. It might have been me putting his guitar in the bench vise I found in his garage after class just so I could give it a good look over but ..... who knows these things ?

Nicely done !


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