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quailhouse created the topic: benches

The Leopold bench is a great product an people just love it. It's really comfortable and easy to build. You can make it is about 4 hours, from cut to finish. It will take a little longer to finish.
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Derek replied the topic: benches

Hi Ed,

these are pretty cool and I definitely want to build a few for a fire pit area. Thanks for the pic and the idea.

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Glen replied the topic: benches

Purdy neat bench for sure!! Simple & quick for campground benches!! It does look comfy!! Nicely done.
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colin replied the topic: benches

I really like this little bench, quick and easy to build and it even looks comfortable. Don't know why I have never seen this before, it appears they are somewhat common based on all the similar designs I see. I might even have to do a video on this ...

Thanks Ed ... very good !!

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