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Dust collector for a 10" Chicago Electric saw

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JKINNARD created the topic: Dust collector for a 10" Chicago Electric saw

The old DW moved away and has been replaced by a much lower cost Chicago Electric 10" sliding miter saw. This saw really needs help with dust collection. Even with a shop vac on the collection port the majority of the dust still shoots straight out the back. Our fix for the dust problem is a cup collector similar to the one we had on the DW.

On the DW, we had to give up the work clamp location on the left side to keep the vacuum tube from limiting the miter range. On the Chicago Electric, the tube can be moved back to allow the work clamp to be used on the left and the miter still has it's full range.

This view shows the full vacuum tube and shop vac connection.

The vacuum tube is an extender for a home vac.

The cup is a stack of 2x4 and 3/4" plywood. That height plus the 3/16" top plate fits nicely under the saw and allows some bevel cuts. Note that the top plate is sacrificial and will need to be replaced if miter cuts are made at several odd angle.

There are two pins to keep the cup in place on the saw.

This is a view of the bottom of the cup with the two pins.

The DW had two holes in the circular part of the fence but we had to drill holes for the Chicago Electric. We took the fence off of the saw and located two 1/8" holes away from the reinforcing ribs.

This picture shows the location of the 1 1/4" hole for the vacuum tube.

The tube clamp is similar to the one used on the DW.

The only limitation the dust collector imposes on the saw is that bevel cuts are limited to about 35 degrees. If it gets in the way of a cut, it can be removed in a few seconds. All that is needed is to loosen one screw, slide back the vacuum tube, and lift off the cup. For us that is insignificant compared to replacing the zero clearance kerf plate with it's four screws.
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colin replied the topic: Dust collector for a 10" Chicago Electric saw

Thanks for the info on this AND the pictures, I have seen others who have done something similar and it sounds like it works pretty well, I think I need to do this my sliding mitre ... thanks JK
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Derek replied the topic: Dust collector for a 10" Chicago Electric saw

Hi everyone,

I read this earlier this morning but had to wait and reply. It gave me a chance to look at my set-up in the shop and this post gave me some good ideas. The pics were great to have as a reference and you described everything really well.

Thank you for taking the time to put this together. This is a great post for others to learn from.

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The1Joe replied the topic: Dust collector for a 10" Chicago Electric saw

I recently traded up from the C.E. 10 to the 12 inch miter. Once I finish my bench extention, I'd like to add something like this. Thanks!