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Homemade dust collector

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mhwitt74 created the topic: Homemade dust collector

Thought I would share my idea that works really well. I took a old shop vac and mounted it on one of those blue 33 gallon and made a seal around the top. Made some fittings out of PVC pipe and ran the hose around the shop. Did it all for less than $75.
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Derek replied the topic: Homemade dust collector

A Great solution to a huge issue in all of our shops. Have you considered making into a two stage system with a Thien Top Hat Separator ? There are a lot of designs on you tube that are quite easy to make and with your very apparent ability to make your own solution to a need it might be right up your alley. Well done !

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mhwitt74 replied the topic: Homemade dust collector

I will have to look into that
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jgt1942 replied the topic: Homemade dust collector

I second Derek on the Thien Top Hat. I built one a couple of years ago and it has made a HUGE positive difference in my DC. I converted a 2.5 HP Grizzly unit making a portable unit thinking I could easily connect it to the desire tool. Good/Bad idea!!! Now that my shop is super full I can no longer move the portable unit. Hopefully this fall I will redesign and build a stationary unit with duct pipes running to three principle places in my shop.

For the outer edge between the top and bottom I used Plexiglass which a lot of woodworkers do. Not only do you get to see the dust flying around but you can easily tell when the dust bucket is full. I'd like to install an automatic cutoff when the dust bucket is full and will consider doing such with the stationary build.

The stationary build will use a Brute 32 GAL container, anything bigger will be too heavy for me to lift. :(

Also the stationary build will utilize a Wynn Nano filter.

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