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Dust Collector for Dewalt DW718 Saw

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JKINNARD created the topic: Dust Collector for Dewalt DW718 Saw

The DW718 is known for having poor built in dust collection and this is an improvement without going to a full box enclosure. The collector works well even with a low power shop vac. It appears that over 90% of the dust gets caught on 2" or less board cuts. Collection is likely to be less on thicker cuts but we haven't done enough to give an estimate.

The main part of the collector is made from two 9 1/2" lengths of 2x4 with half circle cut outs to match the saw base. The stacked height is cut to make the total about 2 7/8" with the sacrificial top plate in place. A 1 1/4" hole is cut in one side for the vacuum connection.

The 2 7/8" height limits bevel cuts to about 10 degrees but the collector can be removed in about 5 seconds if needed. It doesn't restrict the range of miter cuts.

The vacuum connection pipe is about 18" long from a home vacuum cleaner. I think they are fairly common as I saw one at Goodwill today. It is 1 1/4" diameter at the saw end and 1 3/8" at the hose connection end.

The two pins on the bottom are cut off nails. They go into existing holes in the saw base.

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colin replied the topic: Dust Collector for Dewalt DW718 Saw

Gee ... I wonder if something like this would work on my Makita ... going to have a good look at it. Thanks for this, very interesting and detailed
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MarkFerraro replied the topic: Dust Collector for Dewalt DW718 Saw

Very clever idea. Has got me thinking about how to collect dust from the DeWalt DW718 using my 6 inch ClearVue DC. I was thinking total hood catcher to fully use the 800 CFM/5 HP cyclone. But your idea has got me thinking about a shroud and a collection point under the saw base.

Thank you for sharing your idea.

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