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My Shop's Dust Collection Build

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BillTheBuilder replied the topic: My Shop's Dust Collection Build

Ok here is the rest of the pictures. Yes I know thing needs some tlc but it is what I have for a while. So lets hear some comments and ideas ???
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colin replied the topic: My Shop's Dust Collection Build

I'm wondering if anyone has any first hand experience with the little Oneida Dust Deputy? I have heard they work well, but don't know anyone who actually owns one.
I think for smaller shops they might be the answer.
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BillTheBuilder replied the topic: My Shop's Dust Collection Build

I almost went with the Oneida before I looked at the price of the Harbor Freight 2hp Dust Collector. Weighing in options and looking at comparisons it was actually a close tie. That is, until I started reading of mods to the HF which changed my mind. Like changing out the 5micron dust bag with a reusable filter, adding a dust separator can, and even "shooting the debris into the neighbor's yard" :lol: . For my shop is smaller and I used to use shop vacs for all the dust cleanup. After a while it takes its toll and gets cumbersome. Saving up my money and moving stuff around the HF is now part of the shop.
This is why I am going machine to machine to make the machine collection systems part of the HF DC. I did consider going this route Dust Right Expandable Hose
, but after reading the reviews and after thinking about the pain of hoses on the floor, with exception to the table saws, decided against it. :pinch: The only hoses ,previously stated, that will be one going to machines directly are table saws, miter saw, router table, and possibly Radial arm saw. I am thinking of using this method of connecting one hose to them . Currently have two 10'x4" hoses that came with a kit I ordered from Harbor freight. Probably order a 10' hose for the DC to go to every machine and use the others for small section runs.
The only thing I did not mention is the belt/disc sander which is going to be kind of not fun to design something for that. Very long run not sure if I will use the metal ducting or hose it hugging the corners.
For now is getting the stations and table saws completed. The Delta I have pictured in the previous post before this, which is almost done. I will post an update with pictures as soon as I am finished.

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colin replied the topic: My Shop's Dust Collection Build

Just wondering Bill, did you ever get a chance to try out or see in use one of the dust deputies? I wonder if they get need frequent cleaning ... or when they need cleaning out?? The videos I watch they seem pretty good, but like you. I already have 5 micron dust single stage collector ... would really like to get something better but not sure what and I hate to go backwards and get something worse that what I already have.
Always looking for ideas and suggestions :)
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BillTheBuilder replied the topic: My Shop's Dust Collection Build

I'm a little starved for time today but tonight there are a couple things I've noted that maybe bad and good with the dust deputy. Promise I will get back to you tonight.


First I really love this edit feature as I can come back to where I left off, EXCELLENT FEATURE! :) .
On the Dust Deputy (not the super dust deputy) there are a few things you should weigh in on before getting it.
Capacity - The biggest I seen available, per their website, was 10gal? 5gal? Lets say one has it on a 10gal can, now how many times does that need emptied? Our regular bags holds I believe around 70 gallons of debris. 7 more unnecessary trips in my eyes. HOWEVER, I'm only talking about capacity here. Now mount that on a 55gal drum now we are talking . ;)
Durability - All I can say here is plastic versus hose tension, knock around in the shop, and a cold winter day NOT good. Heard of many people talking about how it cracked from pressure and cold weather. Yes I know in a perfect world it is an excellent thing to have.
Ideology - Not much to say here either as the concept seems to be just what it does separates dust. I am by far no expert on cyclonic applications.
Reality - For a small wood shop this maybe a great way to increase the life on one's shopvac as that is only what it is designed for. As far as the little plastic one, I would save a few more dollars and go with the Industrial Steel Dust Deputy ! Much more durable, rugged, and longer lasting! Think Steel vs. Plastic?
Bottom Line - Personally I would not recommend the plastic version to anyone knowing how much abuse that goes on in a shop. Sorry it is truth and reality. Save your money and go with the Steel version.
Notations - Just want to say fairly that I did look over and read about the Dust Deputy and found it a valuable addition. The above opinion is that of my own and I do not own one either.

Now for the Super Dust Deputy (Steel Version) I will state that I REALLY like. The only thing about it I am not too crazy about is that they only offer it with a 6 inch port on one part and 5 inch on the other, my shop along with thousand of other wood workers have 4 inch ports to existing ducting and hoses. They do offer reducers for a price but you will need 2 different ones, one going from 5 inch to 4 inch and the other 6 inch to 4 inch at a cost of $22.26USD for both. If I were to buy one of these I really do not think I would wanna pay for an add-on item. Would want it to be ready to go out of the box, which costs $25.00 to ship. There are two versions of the Super Dust Deputy again one is plastic and one is steel.
Plastic one costs $169.00 and the Steel one which costs $239.00. Really can not say anything about the plastic one as I do not know anything about it. Steel one well that is better then plastic to me. For those who have the bigger systems this is DEFINITELY a great addition to your single or double stage Dust Collection unit.

If anyone wishes to correct me I do love to learn by others opinions.

Thanks ,
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BillTheBuilder replied the topic: My Shop's Dust Collection Build

Alright the first table saw is done and a very nice success to what I was wanting and expecting. I have LOTS of pictures to show so that will take up a little time to upload them to the site. Now a some info on this saw as many of you will cringe. This saw was made 1971 by Delta Rockwell. It's model is 34-335 and was meant to be a contractors saw! Yea like we would see some of the contractors of today toting this baby around from job to job :laugh: ! Anyways it was given to me and the only thing I had to do was replace the belt, grrr went through heck trying to find one, and clean it up! There is no angle information on the front and to me this saw serves its purpose as I designated it as a Ripper Saw only! It's old, it works, and doesn't matter what I do to it, although I do have respect for it as any tool. There is one part I cannot find and that is a riving knife, called a couple aftermarket places and the jerks laughed at me. I laughed too as I was hanging up. So if anyone out there knows of a place that might sell one that would fit please reply.
Here are the materials I used:
Thin sheet good scraps to enclose the cabinent
Drywall screws 1inch
Rubber High Density Foam Weather Strip - Seals panels to cabinent
Can of Great Stuff for the holes between table and base,etc.
Duct Tape - Seal the miter/angle hole in front.
4inch dust collector outlet - of course to pull the debris out
About all I can think of. So I will let the questions/comments roll out after the pictures.

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