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My Shop's Dust Collection Build

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BillTheBuilder replied the topic: My Shop's Dust Collection Build

Thanks for your compliment. :) . As far as the goodies NOPE he did not get those! 80.00 for a replacement fence of the one that it use to have I still have. The panels for the dust collection I took off. The roller base I did not as it was sorta attached to it and easy to replicate if I need to for a different one. Oh and I am out on a new belt for it too. Don't care though as there are very nice models out there that will come up. My 34-670 cuts REALLY nice I just have to manually set the fence which is not really all that bad. Still working on getting those pictures just have projects to get done first.
Again thanks for the compliment as that is all I can afford is the stuff laying around for now. ;) .

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