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My Shop's Dust Collection Build

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colin replied the topic: My Shop's Dust Collection Build

oooo I love that dust collector, but it's just too big for what I can use right now. I am really just trying to find something small, similar to a single stage, but that works well and doesn't spew ANY dust back out into the workshop.
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BillTheBuilder replied the topic: My Shop's Dust Collection Build

Thought you would love that :) . Still working on the Delta 34-670 for it's dust system. There is something I am looking for which I will post in the appropriate section of the forum.
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BillTheBuilder replied the topic: My Shop's Dust Collection Build

Ok the 34-670 completed, and pictures coming soon. There was also an air cleaner completed made from a furnace blower and 4 furnace filters.
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Ripper replied the topic: My Shop's Dust Collection Build

Hey Bill and Colin,
I have been keeping up here and there and one request I have is on your pictures, if you could give an overall shot of the tool prior to the close ups. I’m not the sharpest knife it the drawer so it can be difficult for me to know exactly how things lay out in the big picture :blink: .

I’ll try not to hijack your topic (again.. lol) but, I will be heading up to Springfield MO in a few weeks to the Grizzly warehouse (first time I walked in to that place….WOW! :ohmy: Tools as far as the eye could see. Talk about your kid in a candy store!). Plan on picking up a band saw and dust collector so I am interested in what you have going on. I am hoping to gradually run duct work to each machine but will probably connect to one or two of the easier ones at first and just move the hose from machine to machine for the others until I get things figured out. I have a lot of unanswered questions on what’s all available and how in the heck to put it all together so I am hoping to pick up a few nuggets of info from your posts.

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BillTheBuilder replied the topic: My Shop's Dust Collection Build

Awww man, you know what you are 100% correct I should've taken a picture of the table saw, sheese! I can't now as it is gone because the person who gave it to me turned around a couple weeks ago and took it back! So that was a total waste of my time. However the other delta I have was bought by me and I have the reciept for as for everything else in my shop. More pictures to the Dust Collection system is coming, made an air purifier from a furnace blower and scrap wood. Delta table saw is done. Umm that's all for now.
YOU GOT to go the Grizzly Showroom???? :P I am very jealous now :) ! I saw pictures on there website and was like I would love just to tour it if not buy one of everything!!! Congrats!
This is out of topic, but please becareful to stay away from the old craftsman "tilt-head" bandsaw because the holding mech for to stay stationary does wear out and it is hard to keep in place, I am current working on a hack to make it stay at 90 degrees!!! Few other minor things that bug me but workable. Now I will offer whatever info I can assist with on the dust collection. Much research is out there, some helpful, some bologna haha. So for now I stop.
Thanks again,
P.S. "You got to go to Grizzly Showroom!!!" :P lol.
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Ripper replied the topic: My Shop's Dust Collection Build

Well, thats the pits that the guy took it back after all your hard work on it. Guess he took your additions with it. The silver lining is that this type of "work", if you can call it that, is something we enjoy doing.

Yeah, it's pretty darn cool going through the showroom. Luckly its only a 2 or 3 hour drive from my place. Of course they line the tools up with each row having the top of the line at the front so, I am usually at the end of the line by the time I get to the tool that I came for. :dry: I save as much as I can but, man, this stuff is expensive! I have fought with older hand me down tools for a while now but I am slowly but surely replacing them as I can.

I admire your talents being able to put things together with whats laying around. I try to do that to but usually mine end up being more of a fustration to work with than anything.

Looking forward to seeing more of your work.


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