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My Shop's Dust Collection Build

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BillTheBuilder created the topic: My Shop's Dust Collection Build

Hey All well I will be the first to post and this will be an entire shop dust collection build! Not happy with the way I have things right now so time to spend some quality shop time to make a difference! My shop will be a guinea pig for a group project and I really would like comments from anyone whether it is negative or positive. As I was saying in another post I will go from machine to machine to power tool to power tool and even mention hand tools :blink: . DO understand I do not have a lot of money as this is not an income for me, but I have some funds to make things happen one machine at a time. ;). To get started let me introduce you to my fellow associates (machines).
Floor Workers
10" Craftsman Radial Arm Saw
10" Rockwell Delta Saw Date 1971 (Dedicated Ripping Saw)
10" Delta Table Saw 1980's (I think)
10" Miter Saw (non sliding)
10" Craftsman Miter Saw (only used as a backup)
8" Benchtop Drill Press
8" Benchtop Drill Press used for drum sanding only.
Porter Cable Disc/Belt Sander 8" Disc and 4" X 36" Belt
1.75amp Variable speed Plunge Router/Table Combo (Blue Hawk)
12" Craftsman Tilt Head Bandsaw
Maintenance Workers
Harbor Freight 2hp Dust Collector
16gal ShopVac
5gal ShopVac
1gal ShopVac
Detail Workers
Dremel 4000
Dewalt JigSaw Corded
Black and Decker Scroll Saw (Older Lower Power)
Black and Decker Scroll Saw (Cheap Backup)
Dewalt Cordless Drill 1/2" Chuck
Kawasaki 1/2" Chuck corded
3 other Cheap Drills Given to me
Porter Cable Random Orbital Sander Corded
Multi Tool Corded
Bostitch Pneumatic Brad Nailer 18ga (i think)
Black and Decker corded Fixed Base Router
26gal Air Compressor
6gal Pancake Air Compressor
Following are Inactive (Have not used)
Sears Lathe (Older no tool rest and something else missing I was told :( )
ShopMaster Jointer freebie (said needed new blades)
Now you know my crew, haha, there are a couple I did not mention but will soon in the future.
Good night for now as it is very late,
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BillTheBuilder replied the topic: My Shop's Dust Collection Build

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Ripper replied the topic: My Shop's Dust Collection Build

Hey, sorry Bill. I didn't mean to put my post under your topic. I meant to put it under a new one... :huh:

I noticed Colin had added a new category and, after checking it out and reading your post. I just hit reply and went to town with my post. Sometimes my fingers are a little faster than my brain. Sorry about that.. :whistle:

Can't find how to delete my post :S so I just blanked it out.

Sorry man!

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BillTheBuilder replied the topic: My Shop's Dust Collection Build

Ahh man I did not care that was fine! :( . Hope you saved your reply so you could just copy into a new post?? Wait... SWEET I have your reply in one of my emails. I will message it to you on this board so you can just copy and paste it! :)
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BillTheBuilder replied the topic: My Shop's Dust Collection Build

Day one - After looking at my messy shop I decided to clean up a little, OK ALOT haha. Mentioned that the two table saws were probably first on my list, the 1971 Rockwell Delta and the Delta 34-670 for everything else.

Machine #1 - 1971 Rockwell Delta
Current State - Now the 1971 already has a piece of wood paneling cut to fit up against the bottom with a 4inch x 5ft hose attached to it. Nothing special but it works ok.
Future enhancement - Put a ramp in the cabinet to allow the debris slide into one of the corner sides. Put a panel with a 4inch hose adapter on one of the outside openings with the adapter placed in the same lower corner to allow for best clean out. Of course a solid panel on the other side to enclose it all in. To get a nice tight seal I would probably use that cheap self adhesive weather foam strip for doors and windows around the frame then secure the panels.
Possible Problems - Not enough CFM due to loss of the cracks and crevices. Here is where I need a couple of ideas and thought. If I sealed up the cracks and crevices including the vents for the motor would it heat up and burn out? Also I am not using a zero tolerance throat plate.Again please anyone comment!

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