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Morgan 20A Woodworking Vise

  • Justgettinby
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Justgettinby created the topic: Morgan 20A Woodworking Vise

Hello: I'm hoping somebody out there can help me with some info. I have a Morgan 20A woodworking vise that I'm trying to get some info about but am finding absolutely nothing! If anyone knows anything about this vise or the company, would you kindly respond. Thanks so much!
  • kywoodsman
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kywoodsman replied the topic: Re: Morgan 20A Woodworking Vise

Just got a vise (woodworking) given to me this thanksgiving, old rusty but works, its a Morgan Vise Company-Chicago, IL # 10A, solidnut vise. Has a wooden handel that may have been replaced, dont know. Opens up about 10inches wide, was said to be about 50 years old. I too found nothing on the net. Happy Holidays :D

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