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Table Saw Vs Track Saw

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shadow1860 created the topic: Table Saw Vs Track Saw

I recently began to consider purchasing a table saw or track saw, this tool will be used to cut wood to build small bookcases and or tables, I have limited space which must be shared with my wife's car, therefore a table saw must be benchtop or one that is moveable. since I will make bookcases and or small tables I may need a table saw with the feature to add a dado blade. I have looked at Bosch and Dewalt bench top table saws and Makita and Dewalt track saws. I don't plan on breaking down 4x8 sheets of plywood and I see myself making repetitive cuts therefore I am not sure a track saw is the right tool for me. I currently own sanders, jig saws, compound miter saw and circular saw. I would appreciate your feedback. Thanks
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colin replied the topic: Table Saw Vs Track Saw

That's a very good question Shadow and it sounds to me like you leaning toward a small table saw, which would be my choice as well, given the descriptions of what you will be doing. Not sure where you live, but there are a variety of smaller, bench top saws that would do a great job for you and since you already have a circ. saw, you can still use that to break down large sheets of plywood when needed. If you do purchase a table saw, make sure you add into the budget to purchase either one good quality combination blade, or a ripping blade and a cross cut blade. The manufactures of all these tools only include mediocre blades because they don't know if the new owners are building fences or fine furniture.
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Derek replied the topic: Table Saw Vs Track Saw

Hey Shadow and thank you for your question. As far as I am concerned, you should definitely go for a tablesaw. Both the DeWalt and Bosch saws are used by thousands of Contractors, DIY Home Owners and a ton of Woodworkers.
With your space confinements, either of these saws on a portable stand that collapses for travel and storage would be perfect for you.
In the past if these types of saws has any kind of weakness, it would definitely be in the fence system. Thank the woodworking gods that most of these companies have really built a quality fence system that stays true and they are adjustable to really zero them in if required. Both saws are well built and even have a few woodworker creature comforts in that they can be adjusted to allow you to align the saw blade to the miter slot and align the fence to the saw blade setting everything up perfectly square. Mind you that these saws are pretty much perfectly set up right out of the box. Heck, I'm excited your getting a new saw. lol
Now, what saw would be recommended....... I'm not going to commit to one over the others. That is your call completely.Do your homework on any saw that fits your budget and gives you the most capability and quality. Quality saws will cost you more that is inevitable unfortunately. There are a ton of reviews on YouTube as well as the manufacturers websites so dedicate some time towards and taking full advantage of all of this detailed information before deciding.

I am going through this same process for a new miter saw for my shop. Even with my knowledge on the miter saws on the market today I still have issues and concerns on each and every one of them. My choice will be which of them is the most accurate, meets the capacities I need, has easy adjust-ability and is built to last. lol I am the guy you might see in the power tool department with several engineering squares, a true straight edge, note book and a electronic tilt meter. Yep, it's like that.

I hope this helps you out and you get the best saw that meets your needs.

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shadow1860 replied the topic: Table Saw Vs Track Saw

Thanks for your input, as a new member I enjoy this site.
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Derek replied the topic: Table Saw Vs Track Saw

Well, it's great to have you as a member Shadow. If you ever need to ask about something new to you in woodworking... all ya gotta do is ask. :)

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Glen replied the topic: Table Saw Vs Track Saw

Welcome aboard Shadow. Below you will find a link to the collapsible Ridgid TS from Home Depot. I'm not telling you this is the saw to buy. Just a link to see what is out there in that area.

Having said that you can get by with a router & good quality spiral straight bits for dados. Make a dado jig,, found on youtube,, to run your router & styraight bit along. With a little practice your making perfect dados every time.

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