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Starting wood working

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Glen replied the topic: Starting wood working

Derek gave a great answer AGAIN!!

Colin gave me my answer immediately upon the words "but it has really made me think about the many aspects of woodworking."

My #1 tool is not available in a store or online. It is patience.

It takes more patience to do this than a lot of folks realize. Trust me when I say there's very few,, if any,, projects that can be built during a 30 minute video.

Best of Luck & always keep us informed of your progress!!
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warf1955 replied the topic: Starting wood working

I am disabled now and there is one thinn gI do have is patience, I used to drive a big rig (semi) and some timed I had to wait 5 to 6 hrs to get unloaded and I have had to wait as much as 10 hrs to get loaded.I had to quit driving due to health problems. I have been told I have cancer and in Oct. I had a bout with ammonia poisoning and it almost took my my legs out. The doctors said if I had wait another day before going to er it would have killed me. So I decided wood working would be fun. I used to use a friends tools and it was quite fun. The he got resigned to and had to move 500 miles away to another state.
Thanks for the help.
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Glen replied the topic: Starting wood working

Best of Luck in your new endeavour warf!! I hope woodworking can help ease things for you as it truly is relaxing & rewarding!! Can't wait to see your 1st project!!
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colin replied the topic: Starting wood working

I love the comments about having patience ... that was easily the hardest tool for me to acquire and it's a daily struggle. I still have not mastered it, but it's a work in progress. This thread I will remember!!
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Derek replied the topic: Starting wood working

Hi everyone,

I was just having another read through this and thinking about how to help Warf get a good start in his woodworking. Basically, how can I set him and other new woodworkers to succeed.
A few more items that would help are a couple of saw horses and some clamps. We woodworkers never have enough clamps... lol I think these would be very handy to support the wood for cutting and the clamps would be excellent to hold things in place for the cutting. Of course the clamps will also be used for any form of glue-up that might be needed.

Warf, just make sure you adjust everything height wise so any cuts are properly supported and at a comfortable height to operate any power tool or tools such as a hand saws etc. Glen mentioned a "biggie" pointing out that you should be patient and not rush with any task you are working on. "Measure twice...Cut once" and have a good time with it all.

This thread would be a great video topic Colin. There is a lot of different opinions out there as to what tools are a priority starting out. It would be great to hear some others opinion on this and why their choices might be different. Lots to talk about. lol


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