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Chisel Sharpening

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Derek created the topic: Chisel Sharpening

I would suggest you tackle this yourself. To learn this skill is a real asset to add to your woodworking and it is very easy to learn with minimal effort and pretty easy on the pocket book.
A method you should consider is called the "Scary Sharp Method". This approach uses any of the sharpening jigs/tool holders out there and sand paper mounted on float glass. The float glass is readily available at any auto glass company and they can cut it to hold full 9"X11" sheets of sand paper. I can provide what I consider a good tutorial covering this method if you decide on this approach.
Another is to invest in a sharpening system such as the Work Sharp 3000 or a Trend sharpening package found at just about any woodworking supply store. There are advantages and limitations with any approach you choose so I hope you will invest a little time onto checking these out and learning to sharpen all of your chisels, hand plane Irons and even router bits etc.
Colin has produced videos on this topic and they will help you to learn the basics of sharpening so check them out for sure.
Below is a couple of links just to give you a starting point nothing more. I hope you choose to learn how to sharpen your own tools and once you sharpen a chisel to scalpel sharp, you will see for yourself how working with sharp tools really helps you to achieve a whole new perspective to your woodworking.



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colin replied the topic: Chisel Sharpening

Yes, Derek is correct, learning to sharpen your own tools is not that difficult, I made a video on this a couple of years ago blade sharpeninghttps://youtu.be/lNG2vV4FIuc using the Lee Valley sharpening device. It's not cheap, but it does work exceedingly well and with very little instruction anyone can get super sharp blades.

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