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Drilling and cutting a Cigar box

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chunk07 created the topic: Drilling and cutting a Cigar box

Please pardon my inexperience.
I am not much of a carpenter, mostly rough stuff. I am a hobby machinist. I want to make some custom enclosures and tool boxes from some nice wood cigar boxes. At the moment, I'm making an enclosure for a Arduino based controller for a stepper driven Rotary Table. I need to cut a 2" x 4.5 inch hole for the display, and drill holes for power, switches, and other connections. How do I cut these openings without splintering the wood?
Later on, I will build a custom fit box for the Rotary Table and it's accessories, probably from quality plywood.
Would a tool bit like a 'rotozip' make a clean cut? I can use my mill to cut the openings. Any advice/guidance welcome.

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