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Face gluing boards for thickness

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The1Joe created the topic: Face gluing boards for thickness

In a couple of weeks I will be starting a new project. For this project, the boards I would like to use do not come in the thickness that I need.

Because of this, I will need to face glue two boards together. The boards are rather large. 16x72.

My question is, would it be advisable to use dowels along with glue to ensure a better connection and to keep the boards in place while the glue sets since I will not have clamps long enough to span the length of the piece?

Thanks in advance.
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Derek replied the topic: Face gluing boards for thickness

Hi Joe,

I would not recommend dowels. I will recommend that you use several sets of cauls to spread even clamping along and across the lamination. This is the best way.

Just make triple sure the mating surfaces are flat to avoid any voids. Sixteen inches is not a huge span but if possible a few deep reach c clamps or bar clamps will help ensure even clamping pressure.

I hope you have lots of clamps ! LOL

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The1Joe replied the topic: Face gluing boards for thickness

Thanks for the advice! I'm going to test with some scrap to make sure I have the technique down. It's also a good thing that I work at a tool store, access to lots of claps at a discount.

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