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Jigs, Jigs and More Jigs

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AzDusty created the topic: Jigs, Jigs and More Jigs

Hi all, I haven't forgotten about this great community in fact I have been spending my kids inheritance on shop stuff.

Work Bench (on wheels)
Scroll Saw
Disk/Drum Sander

and a host of other cool things.

Having said that, I have pushed my wife's credit limit to the max and do not have the $$$ to buy my Router Box Joint Jig so I am here asking if anyone has plans for a simplified one (I have seen them on youtube).

I also recently purchased two new 10in blades for my Table Saw a 60t ATB and an 80t ATB.

I have a box of router bits that include the straights roundover etc and have identified a 35 bit set I want to get when I repay the wife's credit limit a bit.

So do I have pretty much what I need to start making my cutting boards and small boxes for Christmas?
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colin replied the topic: Jigs, Jigs and More Jigs

is this what you are looking for
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Derek replied the topic: Jigs, Jigs and More Jigs

Sounds like you have everything. The Box joint jig Colin has demonstrated and built is a very good design that is easy to build. This jig will allow you to cut single box ends or you can gang cut several at the same time.

One item that I think you could really use on every set-up for your boxes is a set of Brass set-up Gauges or some refer to them as set-up blocks. These little gauges really speed up positioning your boards and guaranty complete accuracy.

I hop you build Colin's Box Joint jig and as always one of us can help out should the need arise.

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