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What to Do

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koda created the topic: What to Do

trying to figure out what to do with this wood keep comming up Blank
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Derek replied the topic: What to Do

LOL Hi Koda,

welcome to my daily world. :) Hmmmmm what to do ?

The live edge is nice to have to work with and the length of the boards is also a bonus. It would be nice to know what species it is. Looks kinda like pine boards to me ?

Since you have a live edge front and back it really opens the ideas up to me anyway.
You could laminate them together for two or three bandsaw boxes. Keep the live edge and let it really accent the shape and look of the box.

Rip them in half and make several candle holders/displays either the full length or in two or three sections and since you have the live edge to make use of, it will really enhance the overall look.

Cross cut the boards and put a 45 degree cut on each end for a cutting board if you have a clear section of board to work with.

Some small stools/benches is a possibility. I have made some over the years and a 36" bench was always a popular size that people liked and it was big enough to sit on and it did not take up much room. Again, the live edge is nice to have.

They could be used as a end table or small side table with the right leg design.

Just a few quick thoughts on this and others will also have some ideas as well.

Let us know what you decide on and some pics would be great.

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colin replied the topic: What to Do

Some good ideas from Derek. It looks to me like you have 3 live edge planks. They also look like they may have a finish on them already. I think if they were mine, I would keep with one of Derek's ideas about the tables ... like a coffee table, with a matching end table and lamp table, maybe even a small stool as well.

Another suggestion would be to go to Pinteret and see what others have done with live edge wood, you might get some inspirations there too.

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koda replied the topic: What to Do

Thanks Guys for the input .I was going to make a book case then shot that down .I usually make primitive furniture but these are to nice for that I parked finish on them around the time of the book case....I am right now working on a Sunday Settle from the 1800s so i am board banging on that and i will consider all ideas THANKS AGAIN GUYS.These boards i have from my building here they are very old I have a great deal of wood that is more than 100 year old some as i am told looks to be from the late 1700s to early 1800s ...30 ft beams with no knots at all my building was constructed between 1805 and 1838 with its history being from the 1700s and old barn was torn down to build the building I use for a shop .however there in the upper attic part were planks well seasoned for a long time 2 1/2 inches to 3 inches thick some around 4 ft wide I am guess that former owners thought of them as floor boards but there is an existing floor there so i have about 40 boards really old boards that needs to keep there history and the old hew marks
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Glen replied the topic: What to Do

Rip one length wise right down the middle. On the freshly sawn edges run a 3/8" w x 1/4" deep rabbit. Make a stand for both pieces that is 6" or 8" wider than the original width. Lay a piece of 1/4" glass in the rabbit. You now have a live edge sofa table or cut them shorter & make a couple live edge/glass end tables.

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