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White marks on a chess board

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donbedggood replied the topic: White marks on a chess board

Thanks for the feedback Colin, I've removed the chess pieces to see if the white marks will dissapear, after two weeks no success so far. I will try removing the felt off one piece and see if it makes a difference. I must now consider resanding the board and refinishing it, but what to use as the final coat is the question, maybe a polyurethane varnish would do the trick, I'm not sure about this.
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colin replied the topic: White marks on a chess board

I don't think you should have to re-finish the board. Those white marks are blush from the moisture and seldom go away on their own, you will likely need to do a wee bit of work, but not too much.
The first thing I would try is to apply another coat of the Bee's wax you used as a topical, that might take the white marks off. If that doesn't work, you need to remove the wax, which shouldn't be to hard, it's very thing and with a bit of elbow grease and some clean soft rags it will come off. Heating the board with a hair dryer will help too.
Once the wax is off, go back and give another coat of the Danish Oil and hopefully that will get you back to square one again ....
Let us know how you make out :)

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