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square peg in a round hole

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twoartistic created the topic: square peg in a round hole

A furniture company is using square pegs in round holes. I've seen this cheat done before when dark staining, and softer woods mostly hides the non-perfect fit. However this company is claiming in their marketing materials that many of the pioneers used this method due to a lack of many tools. I have never heard of nor seen this in any historical construction. Besides it is much easier to whittle a round peg with simple tools (knife, or hatchet). The traditional method is to use a draw knife and shave horse. I know a little of this, as I am a fourth generation carver and woodworker. My great grandfather helped build Fort Bridger, Wyoming in the 1800's, and I learned these skills from my grandfather.

Does anyone have any information about pioneers using square pegs in round holes?
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colin replied the topic: Re:square peg in a round hole

I have never heard of it either ... sounds like more marketing \"bafflegabble\" to me. Does this company also believe tree branches are square? ... Historically speaking, using twigs and branches as dowels makes far more sense than having to actually plane or saw something square that was originally round.

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