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cabinet hinges how do I choose?

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Rembrandt created the topic: cabinet hinges how do I choose?

Hello to all.I'm a new woodworker, and am taking on my first project; building kitchen cabinets.I'm a toolmaker, so I am
familiar with starting and staying square.
One of my planning issues is how to decide
on choosing the best hinges for face frame cabinets. I'm planning on 3/4\" overlay for the doors, and no center style
in the sink base. I'd appreciate all the opinions I can get. I'm also looking for advice on building the corner lazy susan cabinet; alternatives to lazy susans.
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colin replied the topic: Re:cabinet hinges how do I choose?

I am just finishing up some kitchen cabinets .... whew, what a job. They are face frame and I am using center styles and have gone with Blum Face Frame hinges.
In terms of the corners, I found nothing that beats the lazy susan, they are easy to install and not too expensive.
Under the sink, I have an opening door on the left, the right door looks like a door but is in fact a big drawer that slides out and holds the garbage can and wet recycling bin.
One last point ... make sure you have LOTS of room to store the carcasses while you are building ... they take up a fair bit of room.
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Rembrandt replied the topic: Re:cabinet hinges how do I choose?

Thanks for the advice!I like your idea of the door on the right for storage!I'm going to do the same.I've invested in lots of good woodworking power tools; I guess it's a guy thing.I recently bought a Festool circular saw,vacuum & track for cutting plywood. It's like having your own panel cutter,but without taking up space.It was a grand for all 3 parts.
I'm single, so can afford it.

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