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Handrail profile / newbie "hi"

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Hi All,
New here. Also newly bitten by the wood bug-who knew? I think it had some thing to do with that question: What do I want to do with the second half of my life?" Some guys buy red Porsches, I want a wood shop and lots of power tools and to make really cool stuff. So that's my intro--on to business.

Anyway, so for my first trick I agreed to make a one-way child safety gate for the top of the stairs, in exchange for getting to buy my new router. (sound familiar?) :wink:

My mission is to match the gate to the existing bannister. I have it planned out, but I can't seem to figure out how I'm going to create the profile for the handrail, especially the slow thumbnail curve on top. And nobody seems to carry this type of handrail in stock. Our flat was built circa 1900, so I guess the style is no longer common. I could have the handrail made for about $400, and that's just 40" of poplar! None of the router bits I've seen online fit the curve, so I figure I'll have to use a combination of router bits, with some crafty expertise that frankly, I don't have. Which brings me to my request. Help! my pride and my new router are at stake here.

Click link below for an image of the profile I made using a contour gauge.


Thanks loads,

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