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flooring piece sizes

  • MichaelOH
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MichaelOH created the topic: flooring piece sizes

If I was to lay a floor with large mill size planks, say 6" X 8', would that cause a problem with bowing or warpage? I know most flooring is smaller chunks. Is there a reason not to use bigger pieces? I want to lay my floor and I thought I would buy my ruff lumber and plane and joint it myself. Just wondering if there was a reason to cut it down to smaller planks.
  • Messman

Messman replied the topic: Re: flooring piece sizes

Let me start off by saying that I am in no way a flooring expert, but let my give you my thoughts on this, they may or may not be correct.

Floors use to be layed with wide planks (back in the day) such as you are referring to. But today they use the thinner strips of flooring because they are much more stable and resistent to warping cupping etc.

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