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Saw blade cleaning

  • Smitty
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Smitty created the topic: Saw blade cleaning

I know I saw a simple and cheap way to clean my saw blades without buying commercial products, Can anyone help. :?
  • Grant_Eversoll

Grant_Eversoll replied the topic: Re: Saw blade cleaning

I use oven cleaner
  • Smitty
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Smitty replied the topic: Re: Saw blade cleaning

Thanks, I'll give it a try :)
  • Messman

Messman replied the topic: Re: Saw blade cleaning


Most companies say not to use oven cleaner. Reportedly it eats away at the brazing or what ever its called. But anyway it weakens the tooth to blade conection. I strongly suggest that you use a cleanser designed for pitch removal. Yea is cost a couple of dollars more, but I think the safety and piece of mind you get will be worth it.

CARPENTERDON replied the topic: Re: Saw blade cleaning

Yes oven cleaner will eat away at the brazing that holds the carbide teeth to the blade.

Mineral spirits works great for removing pitch (wood resin) from the blade. I have been using it for 30 years now with no problems.

Plus a gallon of mineral spirits is a chaep investment and lasts a long time
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colin replied the topic: Re: Saw blade cleaning

ANYTHING is better than oven cleaner ... not only is the stuff toxic it can etch the brazing between the carbide tooth and the steel blade making the carbide somewhat suspect in how well it is attached to the steel blade and the last thing anyone wants is a piece of carbide being hurled at them at 300 miles per hour ... that can do some damage. Spend a buck and get a good cleaner like Freud's blade cleaner, it's only a few bucks, will probably last most people years and has a wealth of other uses ... even plain old butter will work in a pinch !!!!

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