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table saw sled

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patriot1746 created the topic: table saw sled

I am new to wooking and would like to know about how to make a sled for my table saw.I have a 3/4 in play wood pine can i use that for the miter slits too . any help would be great.
thank you
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Glen replied the topic: table saw sled

You certainly can Patriot. I prefer a hardwood strip of Hard Maple that is quartersawn tho.

You'll want to thin it down to set just below the table saw surface tho. That way you can drill thru the strip into the sled & attach it/them. Screwing into the edge of the strip will just blow out. I prefer the double runner sled. A runner on each side of the blade,, to me anyhow,, seems to make a better sled. It's also a good idea to wax the runners & sled bottom. I use carnauba wax to slick mine up.
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colin replied the topic: table saw sled

anyone seen any pics of a multi purpose table saw sled?