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New Machinery, Suggestions for Benches & Tables

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Glen replied the topic: New Machinery, Suggestions for Benches & Tables

Right on Derek!! A Dear Friend of mine was fond of the saying, "cry once". Buy the best caster,, 3" or 4",, that you can afford & don't look back. A $2 caster that doesn't work very well makes a $4 caster a $6 plus your travel time caster.

Been there done that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :silly: :silly:

Harber Freight makes a very nice mobile base option for your tools as well. You just supply the wood. I chose Southern Yellow Pine for my stretchers.


Depending on your location a box fan in a window will help keep the air clean in your shop. Put a filter over the intake so you don't pull fine dust thru an electric motor that may be sparking on the inside.
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Timbo replied the topic: New Machinery, Suggestions for Benches & Tables

Machine building marathon is almost complete, with one small niggly problem. You know whenever you dismantle something and put it back together you always seem to have a few 'bits' left over? You know, the odd stray washer, an extra screw...you see...I seem to have a doodad left over that's a bit, just a tad mind, more substantial.

I can't for the life of me work out where it's come from other than I suspect it's from the thicknesser planer. I will continue investigations while I now try to fit all of my tools into a small 7 x 8' space.

A bit of a tidy up is in order before I make it all messy again!
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Derek replied the topic: New Machinery, Suggestions for Benches & Tables

It's good to hear from you Timbo and I don't know where that goes but it looks really important. Maybe the carriage locking arm of your thickness planer ??? The shop looks just like mine.... unfortunately. I have been really busy with orders and I lost a whole afternoon yesterday modifying my vacuum system for my machines but it had to be sorted out, so I sorted it out ! I am going to have to do the same thing with a good cleanup..... just "Giddyup and getter done". LOL Shop is a lot safer when everything is cleaned up and organized so it's a priority. Keep us up to date.


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