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New Machinery, Suggestions for Benches & Tables

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Timbo created the topic: New Machinery, Suggestions for Benches & Tables

My first post so I hope this is in the right place?

A total beginner to woodwork, my school woodwork teacher noted on my school report 'Although Timothy is keen and interested in the subject I do count his fingers before and after class, just in case', I have jumped 'off the deep end' so to speak. You see, I sort of bought a big wooden boat and have been restoring her for the last two years. Although my woodwork has improved a little from my schooldays I should point out that the boatyard has a sign which reads 'If Tim is waving at you he's probably nailed his other hand to the deck'.

Up until now I have only bought basic hand held power tools such as orbital sanders, plunge router and a very small portable table saw...the kind of tools I can set up on the river bank. Now that I'm moving onto restoring and making new internal structures on the boat such as the galley and a bar, of course, I decided to invest in a small 8'x7' workshop at home along with tools such as a larger (but still small) table saw, motorized router table, small band saw, pillar drill, sliding mitre saw and morticer so that I can make cabinets and the like at home and take them down to the boat for installation.

Now I have my shed and work bench and boxes full of new machinery some of which come with pressed metal stands which seem extremely flimsy comprising of 'L' shaped metal sections and enough nuts and bolts to build an aircraft carrier. My daft question is do I make up the flimsy stands (for things like the table saw) or do I make more rigid tables and benches for the machinery from wood? If so are there 'standard' heights that I should be making benches for things like the pillar drill and router table?

Sorry for the long preamble...
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Derek replied the topic: New Machinery, Suggestions for Benches & Tables

Hi Tim and welcome to the web and you are definitely in the right place.

Wow you have a lot on the go. I am going to suggest to you that you should set up your machinery with the parts provided. It is surprising some times that the flimsy stands are very sturdy once assembled. Take your time and get things assembled and this will give you a starting point.
Taking this approach will let you see how high the tools are and what height changes you may want to make so you are comfortable. This is where you can also visualize any custom benches and assemblies to allow you to achieve a good flow between your tools, assembly and finishing as an example.
There is a great wealth of information, build videos, jigs and finishing techniques within this site. Colin has put a huge amount of time into building this site over the years so I really want to encourage you to put it to good use.
Another great resource within this site and that is some very knowledgeable and high experienced woodworkers that are ready to help in anyway they can.
Get the shop setup the way you need it and get back to making sawdust again.

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Glen replied the topic: New Machinery, Suggestions for Benches & Tables

I agree with Derek. I would like to add that with a nice cozy shop such as yours I would put locking swivel casters on the equipment bases so you can move them out of the way easier. I have them on 5 different tools & I just push them to the overhead door & fire up the leaf blower. In just a few minutes I have my equipment clean & the floor swept.

Keep asking & you'll get more answers!! B)
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Timbo replied the topic: New Machinery, Suggestions for Benches & Tables

Thanks for the very quick reply guys. I shall take your advice and start bolting together all of the stands supplied with the machinery. Table saw will be the first, that way I will at least have the tools available to make a new bench/table/stand should I need one. I also like the idea of castors to easily move things about. Would that I could do that to my two beagles...would make 'walkies' a lot easier!

I will update with how I get on?
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Glen replied the topic: New Machinery, Suggestions for Benches & Tables

Good choice on the table saw 1st. We look forward to your progress. Feel free to post pics as you go along!!
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Derek replied the topic: New Machinery, Suggestions for Benches & Tables

Hey guys,

great call on the mobile stands Glen. I will also suggest some rubber caster wheels that lock both the rolling wheel and the swivel at the same time. They are a bit more expensive but when you install them and see the difference they are worth the extra money. They really increase the safety of operating machinery in that they keep the tool in place during use.

What is your plan for dust collection ?


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