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Plug those "pesty" holes!

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BillTheBuilder created the topic: Plug those "pesty" holes!

You know I was looking at the open 4" port on my new table saw collection and I wandered what would happen if I connected the hose for a new job and long behold there was a mouse in there?? Seriously though, shoot through the hose into the propeller of the DC fan and SPLAT!!! Maybe far and null to happening but one never knows.
Sooo, think that capping off holes like that would be a GREAT idea! Also I may put a simple cap on the hose I take to it. I do not have a pest problem but like I said not taking any chances.
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colin replied the topic: Plug those "pesty" holes!

Hmmm that's a bit scary, we don't want rodents getting in then dying in the machinery although I would bet it happens a lot more that we know. Those pesky things can get through the tiniest cracks.

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