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Router bit insertion

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oddg241 replied the topic: Re: Router bit insertion

Since I am just learning about the many uses of a router, I am using it on pine and plywood so far. As I get better I will try some projects with hardwoods. I know I will have to make many passes to not overload my 1/4" bits.
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colin replied the topic: Re: Router bit insertion

Good for you, that's exactly what you need to do to get comfortable using the router, use secondary woods to practice with.

One other small tip, pine is known to leaving pitch on router bits and plywoods will leave a bit of glue on the bits from the heat of the router bit.
Both of these are common, just that bits might need to be cleaned from time to time to take the dried on pitch and glues off, just like you do with your table saw blades.

There are a number of good blade cleaners on the market that will last you years and years, just don't use oven cleaner like many recommend, this can corrode the brazing between carbide and the steel on bits and blades.
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richardinuk replied the topic: Router bit insertion

Hi all
I'm sorry if this has been on before. Couldn't find it.

2 Years ago I purchased a device called a Muscle chuck from Woodrat UK and fitted it to my Trend T11 router. With the T11 in the table mode now it is so easy to change over bits or collets without the 2 spanner or need a 3rd hand. A gentle pressure on the allen key is more than suffice to hold the size shank cutters with out any movement. The only thing against it was I ended up with a 5/16 collet which is a USA thing I didn't think we had that size shank over here. Never the less it only takes seconds to change a cutter.
To me, I must say it is definitely the best thing since sliced bread, and can't sing its praises enough.
Kind regards

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colin replied the topic: Router bit insertion

Thanks for that info Richard, I am not familiar with that type of chuck but it sounds like a nice addition for anyone who has one of the 2 handed wrench type routers.
Thanks for posting this :)
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Burat1600 replied the topic: Re: Router bit insertion

Hi, A hint from a newbee. Put a heat resistant 1/8" thick o-ring the same diameter of the shank.Takes up the 1/8" gap and allows for expansion. ajb

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