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Dust collection in new shop

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ChuckWood created the topic: Dust collection in new shop

Hope you guys can help me. I am in the process of setting up my shop in the lower level of our home so dust is something I am concerned with. I just got a new shop vac and ordered a cyclone dust collector from Rockler. My plan is to hook my router shaper to it via the port provided.
When it comes to my table saw that is another problem. I have a older model Sears Craftsman 10" table saw but when it was built there was not provision for dust collection. That is a problem.
Is anyone aware of an attachment that can be purchase and attached under the saw table? If not has anyone ever built something that might work? I know that Harbor Freight sells a bag that can be hung under the saw but that is not much help when I comes to the vacume system.
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colin replied the topic: Re: Dust collection in new shop

I`ll do my best to try and help. Sounds like you have the router dust collection in hand, in terms of the table saw, with contractor types you need to manually partially seal off the back part where the motor and belt drive are but leave enough space for the belt to run without rubbing against anything. You could use something a simple as thin hardboard and even velco to hold it on. That way when you need to get into area, you can simply pull it off.
Underneath the saw I would suggest getting a big square dust port and fastening it under your saw. These are available from many places but you may need to do a bit of adapting to make it fit your saw. The last bit of dust will come from the top of your table saw blade when cutting. The only way to trap this is with a dust collector fitted safety shield.
If you google the term - table saw dust collection - you will see many great ideas and pics of what I am referring to.
Hope this helps some
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ChuckWood replied the topic: Re: Dust collection in new shop

Thanks Colin. I think this will help. I was looking the saw stand and tomorrow I am going to a hardware and get a couple of pieces of light weight sheet metal and see if I can fabricate something.

I am not familiar with a "big square dust port". what are they are where might I at least look at one.

Thanks again.
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ChuckWood replied the topic: Re: Dust collection in new shop

Follow up. In my search for ideas (I found many) I ran across this product. www.keen-products.com/tablesaws.htm It looks like it just might do the trick. I am going to look at it this evening or tomorrow. It happens to be available here in town. Or it is supposed to be.
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colin replied the topic: Re: Dust collection in new shop

Yes, there is lot out there on dust collection. The dust port I was referring to looks like this www.rockler.com/product.cfm?page=16972&site=ROCKLER
It probably won't fit on your saw as is, which is why you may need to fit a plywood or hardboard plate to the bottom of your saw, then install this on that plate.
It sounds like you are well on your way to solving your dust problem.
The only other thing I could ad, is you might also want to construct a standalone air cleaner for your workshop. Again there are a variety of free plans around for these that all use furnace filters to clean the air in the workshop. If you have a forced air furnace, I would probably turn off the air blowing through the shop too, that will help stop the spread of dust too.

Let us know how you make out
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RTexascwby replied the topic: Re: Dust collection in new shop


I have an older model Craftsman saw as well. I was able to purchase a kit from Sears for dust collection on that saw. You might check with them to see if it is still available. It works well on my saw. I also purchased one for my radial arm saw at the same time.
Welcome to the wonderful world of sawdust,

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