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Major Combination Machine Manufacturers

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woodsy11 created the topic: Major Combination Machine Manufacturers

G'Day Folks

Greetings from Australia

I'm establishing a new woodworking shop and wish to purchase, preferably a 5 in 1 machine, i am relunctantly willing to spend between $10,000 to $16,000.00 to achieve this.
However i'm "very green", that is new to this whole process, and not even aware what is available in the market place. Can anybody suggest a few manufactures that i could look at.
I have already traveled to the Minimax showroom in Melbourne and indeed the Felder showroom to look at some Hammer machines.
I studied the Laguna website, but only seen a picture of the corresponding Robland machine.
Can anybody suggest other machines i might consider in this price range, my intention is make furniture but the space in my shop is restricted so a combo seems to offer the best compromise.
I particularly interested in hearing from people with "Hands on experience" with such machines, who can offer a critical performance based opinion.

Cheers Woodsy11

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