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Clamps from scraps

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created the topic: Clamps from scraps

Here's an easy way to make C-clamps from plywood scraps:
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mn2tx replied the topic: Re: Clamps from scraps

Good ideas. :idea:
I will try it next time I run short of clamps. I have some scraps of 1 3/4 inch paralams. They should make strong clamps of a larger size.
I like your "door' benchtop.
  • WoodMann

WoodMann replied the topic: Re: Clamps from scraps

Super idea. I am currently redoing a basketball backboard and I think the shop made C clamps will come in handy. They should work great for attaching the wood backboard to the metal frame. Thanks for sharing your tip
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BillTheBuilder replied the topic: Clamps from scraps

This thread I really liked when I was skimming over the forums here. Some say if you have under this amount then just dispose of it, etc., etc, etc! If you are the type of person really strapped for cash ya find uses for scraps and there are far and wide many projects scraps can make. Got a piece of 2x4? Couple of pieces of 1x4? Fire up the bandsaw, sander, and couple of screws. Then you have enough to make a toy car for a kid!! The wife and I are working on an octagonal project which required some archaic clamping and well used scraps from the scraps of OSB I had. Here is a picture and you will see the point trying to be made. Anyways excellent thread!
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eric422 replied the topic: Clamps from scraps

These are some good ideas. I've been thinking about making some shop made tools and adding some shop made clamps is one I think I will do. You can never have too many clamps

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