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Dust Collection System or not ??

  • diarmaid
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diarmaid replied the topic: Re: Dust Collection System or not ??

Hi folks,

Please visit this site for info on dust collection. I found it to be a wealth of information, and it might just save you from getting cancer!

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Mortecai replied the topic: Re: Dust Collection System or not ??

:lol: I bought a couple of shop vacs at yard sales hooked the large one up to my table saw and a smaller one to my miter saw. Now whenever I use those tools I just turn on the vacuum first. Cost me about $10 in all, and reduces the dust considerably in my 180 sqft shop.
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mlwmerk replied the topic: Re: Dust Collection System or not ??

I use all three dust collection techniques. I don't have a big dust/chip collector. Instead I use several \"Shop Vacs\" connected to various dust making tools that collect dust and chips. I also have a hanging dust collector which I run when I am in the shop as well as several hours after I leave the shop. BTW I also added a .5 micron bag to the end outlet of the hanging dust collector to collect any escaping dust and to minimize air turbulance in the shop. The addition of the jerry rigged dust collecting bag to the air collector is quite effective. I also have an oscillating fan at the other end of the shop to blow dust towards the dust collector. Finally I wear a HD dust collection mask. I have a basement shop so dust collection and seepage into the house is a major issue with \"The one who must be obeyed\".
After a session in the shop I no longer cough and hack up dust from my lungs.

Hope this helps

Walt in CT

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