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Dust Collection System or not ??

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colin replied the topic: Re: Dust Collection System or not ??

Sorry, I'm not following you ...you replaced pleated paper with cloth bags. I'm not sure I know what pleated paper filters look like ... it sure sounds like the cloth route is the way to go.
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Travlr7 replied the topic: DUST COLLECTION

Evenin' Colin:

It sounds like Scrit had something like the Jet DC. It comes with two bags - one for chips/dust, the other to keep the fine dust from entering the air. Jet has come out with a "Pleated Paper Filter" as a replacement for the top bag.

After sitting through a demonstration, I had too many questions the rep couldn't answer and it is very expensive.

You can also get 0.5 micron bags that trap anything larger for a lot less money. That's pretty small

Could be wrong, but I believe this is Scrit's point.

"Just one OLD man's lurkin." :wink:
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scrit replied the topic: Re: Dust Collection System or not ??


Yes and no, sort of. I have a twin filter unit, i.e. two filters and two bags - polythene sacks (a big DC on other words). The new Jet unit comes with a pleated paper filter as opposed to a cloth sock, the theory being that it has a greater area than an equivalent cloth sock filter and that it should last longer between cleaning out. In reality the pleated filters start out with slightly more surface area than the cloth bags, despite being physically lower, but because the pleats are deep they have a tendency to load up so you lose the advantage after a period. As you said the filter cartridges are expensive, typically US$50 to US$80 each. Even here in the UK I can get a 0.2micron non-woven needle felted spun polyester filter bag for around the US$10 to US$15 - quite a difference! OK, so the bags haven't got the same surface area as a pleated filter and I have to beat them with a stick at the end of each session - but my workshop is now clean and I am about US$120 better off.

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OldSoke replied the topic: Re: Dust Collection System or not ??

Hi Scrit
I'm in the process of making a dust filter using a kitchen fan encased in a box, I also have a Record rdx800i... sounds like I could use those <2 micron bags u mentioned... if u can help come back on/off line via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
On the general topic... I use a Trend air fed respirator, been using a lot of Yew... heavy chest, blocked nose and coughing (has nothing to do with smoking me pipe!) and as u may know, Yew is a 'sensitiser' , building up over time... the respirator was worth the expense!

cough, wheeze..cough, cough
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MikeN replied the topic: Re: Dust Collection System or not ??

I think it is very important to have the type of filter which you have that hangs from the ceiling. This collects all the fine dust in the air. But that is the second stage of collection. Even if you use a good shop vac at the very least, you should have some type of collections system that gets a good portion of you saw dust and/or shaving at the point of where the wood is being worked. And for a small shop, rolling the vac from tool to tool is usually not too oppressive. Collection of dust is good for both health and shop safety. First and foremost to protect your lungs, don't forget to where a dust mask. Nothing will protect you better, IMHO.
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OldSoke replied the topic: Re: Dust Collection System or not ??

Hi Mike et al
Just bought a secondhand over head cooker extractor fan and housing for 6 quid (approx $4) comlete with charcoal filter ... 2 speed with light!
it's quiet and does an excellent job eating dust... which saves me a job!

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