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Anyone used the McNaughton Systems for Bowls?

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Purpleheart created the topic: Anyone used the McNaughton Systems for Bowls?

I was thumbing through a catalogue and came across the McNaughton Systems tools for producing several bowls from a single blank. Does anyone have it or know of someone who has it? Does it work well? I am trying to see if it is worth the monetary investment? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  • Travlr7

Travlr7 replied the topic: Multiple bowls

I may not be the best one to answer this, but here I go. If you are going into "Production" bowls and are really into conserving the wood you have, I guess that the McNaughton System is good.

I get so much wood
more that I can use, that I don't feel the need to buy one, but I don't do production work as such. Every piece I do is different from the others; at least for now.

I hope someone with more experience with the system will answer you. In the mean time, maybe a store will let you try one to see if you like/

LOL :wink:

PERUTURNER replied the topic: Re: Anyone used the McNaughton Systems for Bowls?

HI there I have the sistem and it works well but you will go tru hell if you dont read the lyn magiamelly intruccions on how to use the sistem is not easy but once you get the hang of it is really good check in woodturners page in laymar crafts uk for the web site ED
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Purpleheart replied the topic: Re: Anyone used the McNaughton Systems for Bowls?

Thanks Travlr7 and Peruturner for your responses. Peruturner, I am considering using the system for hardwoods such as purpleheart. How durable are the tools when working with hardwoods? I have seen the write up and it says that " a 4" thick blank could produce 3 or 4 blanks depending on the final wall thickness needed. Have you found this to be true? There is also another tool in the Craft Supplies catalogue called a "Bowl Saver". Have you worked with this tool as well? THank you both again for your input.

PERUTURNER replied the topic: mc nutton set

well I have not work more than 2 pieces of a 4" blank and the other sistem works in a set path so you will see wich is good for you also the blades are not really expensive to get if they wear out
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richardinuk replied the topic: Anyone used the McNaughton Systems for Bowls?

Hi Purpleheart
I have the Bowlsaver (BS) but have used the McNaughton. In preference the BS is the easiest to use and a lot more forgiving if you make a mistake. Pricewise they cost similar unless you can pick one up 2ndhand. Both systems give a much better performance on wet wood. If you have well seasoned timbers like the Oaks, forget it. The simple answer is would I buy one again. NO waste your money on another blank, OK so I have lost my green status.