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Bowl turning problem Cleaning out inside

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colin created the topic: Bowl turning problem Cleaning out inside

As someone new to turning I am finding certain parts of it quite challenging. I have turned a few small bowls, but every time I try to clean out the wood of what will be the inside of the bowl, the wood often catches my gouge and makes unsightly groves in the side. I am using (what I thought was) a sharp 1/2 gouge for clearing the wood out from the inside of the bowl. Would this problem be related to sharpness too :?:
  • Travlr7

Travlr7 replied the topic: Cleaning out wood from the inside of a bowl.

This may be a "Sharpness' problem, but I believe it is more probably the edge of the gouge "catching' in the side of the bowl.

One remedy for this is to grind a gouge in a "Fingernail" configuration, then hold it so that the flute (hollow side) of the gouge faces the surface you are going to cut. The cutting edge should be almost in a in a vertical position to the opposing side (if you look at it it should be like a reversed letter "C").

Depending on whether you are starting from th edge of the bowl or the center of the bowl, You will want to either push the gouge into the bowl, just using the long edge for cutting, or when pulling from the center, you will want to be cutting some with the nose as well as the side.

I hope I haven't muddied this up too much. The technique works very nicely, but you have to work on getting a smooth transition from the side to the bottom. I use some of both the Push and Pull together to get a good finish,

A suggestion is to get a piece of cheap wood and try it out to see if you like it. There are several vidios out there that show this method, but it's been a long time since I saw them and don't remember the names.

Using this method, adjusting the angle of attack, on the outside works well, too. You can even get a shaved edge, just as if you used a skew. I have a lot of trouble keeping a skew form catching (I'm too aggressive) and use this method when I can.

"Just one OLD man's method" :wink:

The Other Bruce
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colin replied the topic: Re: Bowl turning problem Cleaning out inside

Thanks Travlr7, I will try to regrind the gouge. I did wonder if the edges were to high, as that is what I believed was "catching" the wood. I also like your idea about trying with a cheap wood ... no point wrecking a good piece of wood while I try and upgrade my turning skills.
No I need to see how I do with this grinding thing ... wow - this woodturning is complicated stuff :?
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Travlr7 replied the topic: Bowl Turning Problem

:lol: Complicated, HMMMMMMMMMM, maybe - BUT BOY IS IT FUN!!!!! :lol:

Keep tryin'. The best way to learn is to do!

"Just one OLD man's opinion." :wink:
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Kman replied the topic: Re: Bowl turning problem Cleaning out inside

I wonder: are you using a spindle gouge? How big is the gouge you're using and is it a shallow or deep fluted one? You need to use a deep fluted gouge for bowls. Also the size matters: a large tool is harder to control in a smaller bowl. For the midi size you have a 3/8' bowl gouge might be a good size.

Also, you're right: the grind that comes normally from the store is terrible. It makes a huge difference to have the right grind.
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colin replied the topic: Re: Bowl turning problem Cleaning out inside

I believe it is a spindle gouge :) It is a deep fluted one, half inch I believe. Is this a good thing? (hmmm mabe not for bowls :o )
I wondered if the "shoulder" of the gouge was catching the wood, I think this is what is happening.