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OK For Turning?

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indaloman created the topic: OK For Turning?

I have just bought my first lathe. I am lucky enough to have an unlimited supply of Olive, Almond and Eucalyptus logs. What I want to know is are Almond and Eucalyptus and good for turning? Thanks
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colin replied the topic: Re: OK For Turning?

Hey Indaloman, congrats on acquiring your first lathe. Turning is a wonderful woodworking form. You are luck to have an unlimited supply of woods listed, and I must confess I have never had the opportunity to turn Almond and Eucalyptus.
Most woods have some aroma when you turn them and the ones you listed will as well. I have worked with Eucalyptus and it does give off a pleasant aroma.
In terms of the quality of wood they should all be fine. Over time, and with help of other local turners, you will find which parts of the trees are more highly sought after, and what their characteristics are.

We would love to see some of your works as get more into the turnings.
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indaloman replied the topic: Re: OK For Turning?

Thanks for taking the time to reply Colin, looking forward to getting started
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david cooksey replied the topic: Re: OK For Turning?

Potentially Toxic Woods

You need to be aware of certain woods and
there side effects on the human body.