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Small woodowrking lathe

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bill created the topic: Re: Small woodowrking lathe

I bought a Rion 70-100 when I started out a few years ago. It has a 12" swing, which will allow you to make something about 9" in diameter. It works GREAT for small projects (pens, bottle stoppers, ornaments, etc.) and is about $300 if you can find it on sale. It has multiple speeds, but you have to change belts to change speeds. I believe that they have a variable speed conversion kit, as well as I think they have a newer model out now. (I was at Woodcraft today and saw one similar to mine but not exactly the same, so I assumed it was a newer model.) I would suggest some sort of stand for it because you wouldn't want to lift it often. In lathes, heavier = better. Do NOT buy one made entirely out of sheet metal -- heavier is better.
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woodbug replied the topic: Re: Small woodowrking lathe

Thanks Bill,

Just had a look at the RIKON 70-100 at Amazon ... seems to be a good lathe for only $329 ... have you had any issues with it?
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bill replied the topic: Re: Small woodowrking lathe

I've been pretty happy with my Rikon. It was my first lathe, bought in March of '08. I just bought a larger Grizzly because I wanted to be able to turn larger items. The Rikon walks when I have out of round wood on it.... which makes sense since it is smaller and lighter. I have had no technical troubles with it at all at this point - but note that it is only a few years old. There is a picture of it - as well as the stand that I built and bolted it to - here: www.woodturningblog.com/2009/09/14/plansnow-mini-lathe-stand/

Feel free to hit me up either here or at my blog if you have any questions that I can help you with. For example, after the lathe comees the tools..... so many toys, so little money. :(
  • woodbug

woodbug replied the topic: Re: Small woodowrking lathe

Thanks for the help Bill. The lathe stand on your blog also seems like a great idea. I think I'm sold on the RIKON 70-100.

At this point, I think I'll have to wait until after xmas to buy it as I've spent all my money on presents for the kids already :(
Maybe I'll get lucky and the wife will have bought me one for xmas ... i can only wish.
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david cooksey replied the topic: Re: Small woodowrking lathe

I use the Jet 1014 VSI