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Small object chuck.

  • mn2tx
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mn2tx created the topic: Small object chuck.

I am plaming to get another chuck.
I have a nova chuck but I "need" a chuck to hold small turnings. Like from a toothpick up to 1 1/2 inch dia.
I would also like good access from the backside.
Any recomendations?? :?

PERUTURNER replied the topic: New Chuck

Hi please contact BEALL co they may have what you need Ed :wink:
  • OldSoke

OldSoke replied the topic: Re: Small object chuck.

I use drill chucks, each has a thread (as opposed to a taper) which allows it to be screwed directly on to the headstock thread.
The smallest gives the capability of holding <2mm dia.
  • Shadowcast

Shadowcast replied the topic: Re: Small object chuck.

I use a drill chuck too, but the 1MT from the tailstock. I just grip it in the main chuck (supernova) and have no problems with it.

  • Kman

Kman replied the topic: Re: Small object chuck.

I also use a jacobs (drill chuck). as long as it is a spindle shape. I bought a small mini nova chuck for other small mountings, such as small bowls etc. It was fine too.

I'm thinking about selling it as I don't really use it any longer.

If you already have a drill chuck and it's just spindle stuff you're turning, try it first. A drill chuck comes in handy for other things besides, so it is not a bad investment.
  • mn2tx
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mn2tx replied the topic: Re: Small object chuck.

Good avice. I have several drill chucks. I will try grabing one in the nova chuck. Seems like that will steady things up. What I need it for is chess pieces and the like. Grab on the end not between centers.