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Outdoor finishes

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mhwitt74 created the topic: Outdoor finishes

Hey guys, Doing a project for a porch that gets a lot of sun and moisture when it rains. It's a small table that goes between two outdoor chairs. Don't want to use paint because I am using solid oak. What do you guys think is the best finish that will hold up to the weather?
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Derek replied the topic: Outdoor finishes

I will assume you are using white oak and you should be looking for a Urethane finish. They come in different flavors but I have found that they stand up to the sun and water the best. There are other products that do well but that's just my take on it though.

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mhwitt74 replied the topic: Outdoor finishes

It is white oak. I was thinking of using Spar on it. Helmsman marine grade.
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Derek replied the topic: Outdoor finishes

Yes that will do the job nicely and would be one of my own picks. Just make sure you apply it in very light coats and allow each coat to fully cure before the next and scuff the surface with a light sanding as well.
Something else that I learned one sunny day..... was not to apply that type of product outdoors in full sunlight. I would fully recommend applying this outdoors but in an area that is shaded from the sun and very little wind if you are spraying the finish.
If you have any further questions, just give me a shout and I will try and get them answered right away. Have fun and fire us some pics as well please. :)


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