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An Inquiry on Cedar

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DA71 created the topic: An Inquiry on Cedar

Hello, all.

Thanks, Woodwork Web, for having me in this fine space. If this forum is anything like the YouTube channel, I can expect the soundest counsel and very interesting discussions.

Background: I'm one of those "painter by choice, woodworker by accident" guys. (Dime a dozen, right? Ha!) On rare occasion, the job requires me to work wood beyond scraping, filling, and sanding. In such cases, I like to make absolutely sure I'm using best practices; hence, here I am.

Question: Is there a certain sealer out there that does "the best" job of priming cedar? (Unless I'm best-advised against it, I plan to use Kilz oil-based int/ext as I typically do for bare wood.)

Context: I'll be replacing frieze boards, rake fascia, drip-edge trim and drip-edge fascia on a painted house here in North Texas. The material, S1S2E cedar (see attached photo), will be plowed to receive the soffit, installed with the rough side out, and finish-coated with acrylic latex. (And yes, I bought the cedar at one of those "home improvement centers." Be gentle.)

Thanks for your time, fellas.

Dan A.
Frisco, TX

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