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Adding warmth to clear shellac

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Madison created the topic: Adding warmth to clear shellac

OK, I think I screwed up.

I made a Cherry hand dovetailed jewelry box for my daughter for Christmas. I finished it with many thin coats of SealCoat shellac with the final coat rubbed out with steel wool and wax. The result is too cold for my liking.

Can I warm up this finish? Could I remove the wax and put additional coats of a more golden shellac? I'd prefer to not use a wiping or gel stain and cover the Cherry figure and grain.

I'm concerned that by adding more shellac might make the finish cloudy. Whats the best way to remove the wax?

I'm ok with mixing shellac from flakes or adding dye to Sealcoat if a certain type is better than others.

I really appreciate a more experienced finishers advice, even if it's "just leave it be" and let the Cherry naturally darken.

Thank you
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Derek replied the topic: Adding warmth to clear shellac

Hi Madison,
you certainly have some issues to deal with. To fully remove the wax layer you will undoubtedly remove some of the shellac as well. Your best bet is to remove the entire finish, re-sand and start your finishing process again.
You have two choices to remove the finish. Chemically using one of the many brands available. Or sanding the finishes off and then your finishing process again.

The option of letting it darken over time would probably take many years but it is the option in which your daughter keeps her jewelry box. She probably will not look at the finish in the same way as a woodworker does.