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1/4 sawn White Oak

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Glen replied the topic: 1/4 sawn White Oak

Thank you Derek.

I agree we are always learning in this endeavor. That for me is the best part some times. Giving something away ranks just as high as well. Giving back to the community is the other #1 reason I do this. I guess that is three #1 reasons why I do this. Do the math on that!! :laugh:

We were at Micheals craft store the other evening. I found a can of Krylon Triple Thick Crystal Clear Gaze in gloss. After just 2 coats I think I am where I wanted to be. I am going to do one more test with water poly over the dye & see where I stand with that. Only one way to find out.

2 other questions about the stains/water poly you prefer. Are you using oil or water stains? Are you cutting your oil or water stains with Mineral Spirits or water/alcohol?

I also need to remember that the finished mirror is about 31" x 42" outside if I remember correctly. So it will definitely look different than my samples which are much smaller.

Thank You very much!!

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Derek replied the topic: 1/4 sawn White Oak

Great stuff Glen,

I have only thinned stain down once or twice and that was an oil base which I prefer. The thing about oil stains is they are going to be phased out soon for water base only. Household Paint is going that way as well. I usually only thin my urethane Tung oil or shellacs for use in my spray guns and I use mineral spirits or paint thinner and alcohol (shellac Flakes). I keep it simple but I pay absolute attention to details to get the effect I want.... just like you. LOL

I have never tried the Krylon stuff before. What you bought sounds like something straight out of a Baskin- Robins menu. Sorry I couldn't leave it alone. I tried, but after reading the triple thick clear glaze in gloss twice..... my eyes started to glaze over. LOL

I'm just glad you found a solution and I hope the wife likes it. Well, I'm off to the shop, two abnormally large painting frames with inlays, one apple ladder display and two butcher blocks to go before I pass out until next year sometime. Enjoy the holidays Glen.

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Glen replied the topic: 1/4 sawn White Oak

Minwax reply.

Dear Glen,

Thank you for taking the time to contact Minwax. We appreciate your interest in our products.

Yes, you will have to scuff it first with 220 grit sandpaper. As long as it has been scuffed, then it will bond without a problem.

I hope this information is helpful. Please respond back if you require additional assistance.


Minwax Product Support

Thanks for the help Derek. I kinda chuckled at the triple thick myself. :lol:

I hope you enjoy the holidays as well!!

MERRY CHRISTmas!!!!!!!!!!!

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colin replied the topic: 1/4 sawn White Oak

Thanks for posting that info from MinWax ... I know, those guys are great at getting back ... even better we know have more information

Thanks again for posting this Glen .... that's what these Forums are for :)

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Glen replied the topic: 1/4 sawn White Oak

You're Welcome Colin.

I am Sorry I haven't checked back here in over a week. I've been busy with cooking,cleaning,laundry,nursing,etc,,,etc,,,. LOL

My Wife fell on 12/24 & fractured her elbow. She is doing great a week & a 1/2 later. Monday she gets one more set of X-rays & the Dr expects to see very good signs in her recovery because her one week,, from the time it happened,, X-rays had already shown positive results. But I did get time to put the stain on the mirror frame this afternoon. LOL Now that supper is over & my dishes are washed & put away I can go back & check it out!!
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colin replied the topic: 1/4 sawn White Oak

Hi Glen ... youch, I'm sure a fractured elbow is painful, poor gal.
Sounds like you are quite the "Suzie Homemaker" now ... I could use some tips on housekeeping, (or at least my wife keeps telling me)

Lets us know how that staining went ... when you get a moment :)