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1/4 sawn White Oak

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Derek replied the topic: 1/4 sawn White Oak

Hi Glen,

I am sure whatever you decide to do it will bet well done. I do not use any dye finishes really. Old school I guess. LOL

I had to take a break from making anything over the last few weeks so I could reorganize the shop and install a few new pieces of shop equipment. I finally put in a new Vacuum system with a Remote control. :P .

Depending on orders, I think I will give some thought to using dyes. You can get some really awesome finishes just like you did. LOL Most people are looking for very traditional finishes around here but the younger folks are always looking for something new which is really great to tackle.

Well, Back to the shop. I am building some jigs that I have always put off till "Later" ...... :) I am making the time so I can build them which is going to help immensely for some items I want to build. Keep the saw dust flying Glen.

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Glen replied the topic: 1/4 sawn White Oak

Thank you Derek. All I ever try to do in the shop is my best.

Congratulations on the new equipment & the dust collection system. I'm jealous!! Altho I will be picking up a Delta dust collector in the near future from a good Friend. B)

I also have some jigs to build. I'm gonna make an adjustable miter sled for repetitive cuts up to 36" long. This will really test my patience getting it built the way I want it.

Have fun & keep the blades sharp Derek!!


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