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free fire engine plan!

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colin created the topic: free fire engine plan!

I don't know about this folks ... I'm thinking this is SPAM ...
When I go to the site, I see a LOT of plans you need to pay for and only ONE that is free ... then you have to email the person to get it (huh?)

It is SO EASY to make the free plan downloadable, why on earth would some make you have to email them?? Hmmmm

Sounds like someone is just collecting emails so they can spam you with emails later on to buy their plans, I think THAT is the - string-.

I could delete this post, but will leave it up for everyone to see ... better for everyone to see what these spam things look like so everyone is aware of how they work, and what they might want to watch out for and/or avoid.

Anyway ... they couldn't even get the link right, and I'm not going to fix it :)

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