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Propeller on notched stick

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LarryK created the topic: Propeller on notched stick

Grandpa made a toy propeller for me that was mounted on a notched stick. When another stick was rubbed against the notches, the propeller turned. I tried this but it doesn't work. What am I missing?

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Travlr7 replied the topic: Propeller

Evenin' Larry:

First, let thank you and congradulate you on being the FIRST poster to this section. :D Thanks. I wasn't sure that anyone was making toy anymore. :?

Now to business. While I have never made one of these toys, maybe I can help. It is my understanding that vibrations set up by the "scratching" of one stick to the other causes the porpeller to turn.

What type of wood is your knotched stick made from? Is it a "springy" type wood, or very dense? Is the scratch stick harder than the knotched one? How big is the propeller? How long is the knotched stick.

I believe that all of these factors effect the workability of the toy.

Hope these ideas help. If you have the time to answer my questions, I will try to duplicate your efforts.

"Just one OLD man's attempt to figure it out." :wink:
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roles replied the topic: Toy Making

What a shame more folks aren't subscribing to this topic.
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Travlr7 replied the topic: propeller toy

"Roles" - you must remember that " a jouney starts with the FIRST Step." Thanks for being the The THIRD ONE. :lol:

The Other Bruce :wink:
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Orv replied the topic: Re: Propeller on notched stick


This toy goes by several names including a "gee - haw" stick and a "hooey" stick.

There is a certain way to hold the stick in order for it to work. Hold the stick with the propeller in your left hand (lefties reverse the instructions). Hold it just behind the notches. Grasp the other stick in the palm of your right hand with the middle, ring, and little fingers of the right hand. No need to hold it in a death grip.

Pinch the stick above these fingers with your right thumb and index finger, again not too tightly. The index finger should be not quite parallel with the stick. Let your index finger cross over the notched stick. Now, gently rub the stick up and down the notches while letting your thumb slide along the notched stick. The propeller should spin.

While sliding the stick over the notches, move your right hand slightly so your index finger slides along the notched stick. Do not have your thumb and finger in contact with the stick at the same time.

The propeller will spin clockwise or counterclockwise depending on if your thumb or finger is in contact with the notched stick.

If done correctly, you will need to move your thumb and finger only about an eighth of an inch in order to change direction.

By the way, this is my first posting here and I have a question: how can I change the brown background color to something a bit easier on these old eyes?
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roles replied the topic: Re: Propeller on notched stick

Well I think it's time to close this particular subject. I did a search on Gee-Haw stick and guess what? I came up with this website that tells you how to make it www.mugwumps.com/whammy .

I just hope now that some one happens to check out the toymaking section and we can get some more postings here.

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