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any stick carvers out there?

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chips created the topic: any stick carvers out there?

I don't call myself a stick carver per se...have carved about 4 just for the fun of it! I just carved a woodspirt on "Navajo Willow", interesting wood! very light, beautiful coloring when the bark was stripped..anxious to see what it looks like with a finish on it now! What I am wondering about, is where do you get different size tips for the sticks? The rubber tips at the hardware store lack class and this particular stick tends toward the small size at the end?
  • Travlr7

Travlr7 replied the topic: any stick carvers

I'm not a stick carver either, but I have made several walking sticks. The last one was from a piece of Osage Orange that was growing in the middle of a honeysuckle bush. It was twisted enough that all I had to do was figure out how long I wanted it and strip off the bark, let it dry in my garage Then I sanded it lightly and finished it. I did add an Elm top to it for contrast.

I thought a lot about how to protect the bottom and since I don't like the "Rubber Booty", I took a small drill and installed a plumbing faucet tapered washer with a #4 brass wood screw. The screw is inset and the tip is hard enough to take the abuse and still look good.

This method might work for you.
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chips replied the topic: tips

I will have to try the washers! I wouldn't think they would hold up, but maybe they would!! anyway, worth a try...thanks!
  • Travlr7

Travlr7 replied the topic: Re: any stick carvers out there?

Just for information, my walking stick is about a year old and there is little ware to the tip. Now I don't use it every day, but often enough to have some wear by now.

Please keep in mind that the washer is the tapered type, not the flat type.

Good Luck.
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chips replied the topic: tips

Ok thanks, will give it a try.... you know, was thinking, if you used the washer like you said, you could use a piece of copper tubing and slip it on the end of the stick just for looks, or even a piece of conduit polished up would look pretty good....just a thought
  • Travlr7

Travlr7 replied the topic: Stick Carving

Yeh you could use brass. I think that would enhance the look of the bottom end. How about posting a picture when you're done? :wink:

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