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BASSWOOD; when to cut?

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mn2tx created the topic: BASSWOOD; when to cut?

I been told that if I cut a basswood tree , other then in Jan or Feb, the wood will not be nice and clear. Is this correct? If I cut in summer will the wood be as good for carving? I would also like to have some slabs with the bark on for relief carving.
  • chips

chips replied the topic: Cutting basswood

I haven't a clue, but I get all my basswood from Don Wedll and I bet he can answer your question! lol try his site at members.tripod.com/~woodsource/index.html
  • nadcarves

nadcarves replied the topic: Re: BASSWOOD; when to cut?

Best wood is when the sap is down,,Winter........When the sap is UP,the moisture content can easily be 15 percent higher...More moisture,more drying stress, more problems with wood cracking.Regarding discoloration.Present in the wood when cut.As long as you dry up off the ground, plenty of airspace and protected from the elements,,, there should be no problems...Bark left on bass harbors moisture,buggy things that crawl around and make holes in thy good wood...Why not rid the bark and design your own borders,you might just go to frame carving, which does bring fantastic dollars..Difference in Sring wood will show up when dried.I can't lift Green wood when delivered, two years later,throw the stuff around looking for the right size,,33 percent lighter,,cordially Nad