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New PR for emerging chainsaw artist.

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termiteswife created the topic: New PR for emerging chainsaw artist.

Hey all
My name is Christine. My new husband is a chainsaw woodcarver. He has been carving for a while and just decided to make a living of his craft. He is incredibly talented (maybe I'm just a little biased:). He carves larger-than-life pieces. His latest and greatest is an 8ft indian chief complete with body length headdress made of cyprus who resides at the Rattlesnake Saloon at Seven Springs Lodge in Tuscumbia, AL. He is doing an expo this weekend (9/25 - 9/28/09) at Seven Springs for American Trail Ride Association.
My new role is going to be booking shows and acting as general PR for him. I'm not even sure where to start, except to post his pics and make contacts.
This is very new for both of us, we are eager to learn and make this work and happen.
I'm working on getting pics (long story) and will post soon.
Thanks all