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Drying Green Wood

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ronward38 created the topic: Drying Green Wood

I'm a novice woodcarver. I have only done a few projects. I'm planning to carve several walking sticks out of birch, beech and aspen. This week I went into the woods near my home and cut several suitable branches.

I don't want to wait a year for them to dry. How can I speed up the process? Does anyone have plans for a simple drying kiln? Does the wood have to be prepared? bark stripped? ends painted? Is there a "How To" book available?

  • sawbladesteve

sawbladesteve replied the topic: Re:Drying Green Wood

Seriously, he's asking a question and you reply about WARCRAFT. My son plays that game it won't help you with your woodworking skill.

Have you tried bleaching the wood first then dying it?