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foredom flex shaft users?

  • walter
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walter created the topic: foredom flex shaft users?

I`d like to use Foredom flex shaft type machine for small carving router; Just wondering about noise level....How loud does it get at 15000 rpm? Plus, motor power- is 1/8hp - 1/4 hp motor effiecient for 1/4" shank tools?
thank you
  • nadcarves

nadcarves replied the topic: Router bit in a Foredom hand piece

Why?First off, I know people are doing this , but it is dangerous.drop that handpiece and there are two good reasons why you will be in trouble---they are the arteries on the inside of your legs.Second,I am afraid that you will be breaking shafts like crazy. I sell cutters for Wood carving duplicators,one is a two carbide special tip cutter, works fine in a duplicarver,however ,for hand carving ,I only suggest it for stone carvers,or people working on large sculpture,...And, then in a carving gun where you have two hand control. Once you get out of tools such as the carbide burrs,the game gets serious. I had roughed out several loons in two hours,old, but not tired yet. So,I decided to get out the Foredom, to finish and sand them. Had purchased a new,tapered tip hand piece,darned if that thing didn't slip out of my hand three times, the last time doing some nasty skin ripping. Had I been dumb enough to be using a router, or Tungsten Tornado,they would have grafted my thumb on further back. Now,I have to figure out how to make that hand piece safer. So, if you want to try a different method of wood removal,I hear there is a guy in Kentucky who uses gunpowder to blast chunks out of his wood.He really must get a bang out of his carving, thank you for taking the time to read my comments,cordially, nad,,,,This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.